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Über mich

Ich begleite und fördere agile Teams und Unternehmen bei Ihrer Reise zu kontinuierlicher Verbesserung.


Seit nunmehr über 20 Jahren bin ich bei verschiedensten e-Commerce Unternehmen als Software-Entwickler, Teamleiter, Product-Owner und agiler Coach tätig und war dabei sowohl für einzelne Teams, als auch IT-Standorte sowie agile Transformationsprojekte verantwortlich.

Ich bin zertifizierter Scrum-Master, Product-Owner und ausgebildeter Flight-Level- und systemischer Coach.
Besonders wichtig in der Teamarbeit ist für mich Werte und Arbeitsweisen vorzuleben und erlebbar zu gestalten.

Dabei sagt man mir eine hohe Offenheit und Zielstrebigkeit nach.

Serviceleistungen bei Agileprojects

Rugby Scrum

Scrum Expert

Seit 2002 bin ich zertifizierter Scrum-Master und sehe die Delivery als das klare Ziel dieser Rolle an.

Autonome Teams, Vertrauen und Fokus sind nur einige der Grundpfeiler die helfen dies zu erreichen.
Dies habe ich in zahlreichen Teams etabliert und fungiere dort sowohl als Coach also auch als Mentor um die Rolle langfristig intern zu besetzen.

Continuous Flow

Um Produkte schnell zum Kunden zu bringen und sich mit dem Kunden Schritt für Schritt zu entwickeln, bedarf es mehr als nur agile Teams. Business-Agility ist hier das Stichwort, welches es einer gesamten Organisation ermöglich kontinuierlich Wert zu generieren. Um dies zu erreichen, setze ich nicht nur in den Teams, sondern weit davor an.

Als ausgebildeter Flight-Level-Coach, visualisiere ich die aktuelle Situation, helfe Fokus zu generieren und die Zusammenarbeit zu verbessern. Jede Umgebung ist anders. Dieses schätze ich wert und adaptiere die Methodik um auf allen Ebenen sowohl Transparenz zu schaffen also auch die Wertschöpfung zu erhöhen.

Image by oğuz can
Image by Adrià Crehuet Cano

Systemischer Coach

Als ausgebildeter systemischer Coach helfe ich den Menschen in Unternehmen die nötigen Veränderungen zu reflektieren und positiv mit zu tragen. Dabei kommt es mir besonders darauf an jeden dort mitzunehmen wo er sich gerade befindet. 

Management 3.0

Veränderung fängt beim Management an und muss vorgelebt werden. Als lizensierter Management 3.0 Facilitator helfe ihnen die richtige Umgebung zu erzeugen in der Teams wachsen und Selbstorganisation gedeihen kann.

Get in touch

Du benötigst Unterstützung in verschiedenen Bereichen auf deinem Weg zu einer agilen Organisation ? 

Meine Leistungen 

  • Scrum Professionell

  • Coaching

  • Training

  • Business Agility - Flight-Levels

  • Retrospektiven


Mobil: +49 (0)172 367 91 31

Meine Erfahrungen

Worker with Ladder


Self-organized teams empower individuals to collaborate, make decisions, and manage their own work. They foster creativity, agility, and accountability, leading to increased productivity and innovation. In today’s dynamic and complex work environment, self-organized teams enable adaptability, rapid problem-solving, and better employee engagement, driving overall organizational success. Management 3.0 Facilitator Markus Schmitz discusses how to create ownership and commitment to delivery in self-organized teams.


Das sagen die Kunden

It's been an absolute privilege to work closely with Markus over the past couple of years. As agile coaches, we've prepared several workshops and brainstormed many ideas together, which has been a deeply enriching experience. Markus stands out as a phenomenal sparring partner. He has an exceptional ability to offer constructive feedback, consistently highlighting aspects I hadn't considered. Every conversation with him left me with a "oh yeah, good point... I hadn't thought of that!" moment, which speaks volumes about his insightfulness!

What truly sets Markus apart is his natural talent for systemic thinking. For many, zooming out to see the bigger picture is a challenge, but for Markus, it's seems like second nature. This ability makes him incredibly effective in his role, effortlessly navigating complexities

Beyond his professional prowess, Markus is, without a doubt, one of the best mentors and line managers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. His genuine care for personal growth and learning is evident in every interaction. He doesn't just aim to lead; he aims to uplift, making a significant impact on those fortunate enough to work with him.

I can wholeheartedly say that anyone would be lucky to have Markus as a colleague, mentor, or leader. His blend of skill, insight, and genuine supportiveness is rare and invaluable.

I had a great time working with Markus. He is eloquent, decisive, and detail oriented. He has a deep understanding of people and he is dedicated in helping our organization to achieve organizational excellence. What impresses me the most is that Markus not only manages the holistic overview as a director, but also spends quality time on connecting with the teams and people. I find his on-the-ground work very valuable and that results in highly relevant insights towards improvement areas. He's leadership style is direct and candid with good intension. I greatly enjoyed working with him.

I've been working with Markus in one, multinational team, where he held roles of Product Owner and Delivery Coordinator. We had a chance to work on the project since its beginning, for 18 months, so we had plenty of opportunities to meet and talk. I must sincerely admit Markus was the best Product Owner, Delivery Coordinator, Analyzer, Knowledge Base Center, Go-to Person, Problem Resolver, Team advocate, and Obstacles Remover I've ever was working with within my 12-year professional career.

His ability to stay so focused, pragmatic, and aware of what is happening in the team's daily work is remarkable. Imagine the situation of being the Product Owner for three scrum teams (6 people in each) and still have the ability to recall 99% of facts from a few months ago (like business requirements). The missing 1% of answers were often delivered 30mins after asking the question. I don't know how he does this, but it works wonders for the team performance. To our team, Markus was the insurance of smooth, well-defined work. There was no problem he can't help us with.

Working in Markus's team was challenging, yet very fun. He has great technical skills to understand the product, vision that may this product great and - probably most important - he can orchestrate a bunch of people to become one team with one common goal to achieve. I wish you all the best.


Danke für's Absenden!

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